Role of Embryologist in Infertility Treatments


Infertility means an inability of reproducing naturally in a human being or animal. Infertility in a male or female is a disease failure to the reproductive system that is failing to achieve pregnancy after 12 months .some signs and symptoms are having an irregular menstrual cycle, or having painful periods, or having no periods. Or maybe pelvic inflammatory diseases. Several factors are causing the symptoms of infertility not only in females even in males. If a couple is facing or having problems and kinds of diseases like infertility it is OK because nearly 10-15% of people or couples are facing problems regarding it. Problems regarding this can have solutions so one should share the problem and should go to an expert regarding this and should share it rather than hiding it. There is no shame in this, it is a natural process. The most common treatment for this infertility is IVF that is IN VITRO FERTILIZATION. In which a woman’s eggs are retrieved from her ovaries and fertilized with men sperm in a laboratory and embryos form and it is again transferred into women’s uterus. This treatment starts with an evaluation and some basic tests in both males and females. Different types of a couple have different treatment according to their problems.


On the first day of the treatment, there is only basic information about what they will do and how the process is going to be taken. The woman is given a normal hormonal injection to stimulate her ovary. After that, an ultrasonic sound is used to check the response of her ovary. Under general anesthesia, eggs are then retrieved from the ovary and fresh or frozen semen is used. In the process of IVF women’s eggs are allowed to fuse with their husband’s sperms in a glass dish in the laboratory imagining a future good possibility that a good quality of sperm will penetrate and fertilize the eggs. There is another treatment called INTRO-CYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION a signal sperm is manually selected and injected directly into eggs for its activation. This treatment is a skillful technique that required more work, training, and practice. After all the process and fertilization activation of an oocyte, the best embryo is selected and transferred into the uterus after 3rd or 5th day of the process eggs collection, After all, a pregnancy test is done after 15 days to check if the gesture is achieved or not if the results positive than the pregnancy is achieved and if the test is negative future evaluation is need to impose for planning the best treatment.

What is the role of an embryologist in the lab!

Embryologists are the doctors who are more responsible for the treatment and fertilization of the eggs they study the details for the treatment and what is needed best for the IVF treatment. The role of an embryologist is to make sure that the eggs and embryos are fertilized in the best way possible. Both embryologists and fertility experts play an equal role in it.


This is the part of embryologists to keep the embryos and give whatever they want for example having a proper environment, humidity, perfect temperature, and a good air quality need for the growth of the embryo and even it is important.


The sperms which are healthy swims and hide in the eggs. There is a fluid that is removed from the ovary before the retribution of the eggs. The embryologist is there to observe the fluid and the retrieving of eggs.


There is a continuous check of embryos in the fertilization and temperature of the incubator and make sure about the conditions and optimal for embryo and these checks are continuous.


If there are genetic defects then it is observed by the embryologist and makes them defect-free. This is done by the best experts and highly trained doctors and team.


It usually takes 3-5 days for transferring of the embryos and for all the processes taken for. And this is handed to a fertility expert.


They count the sample of sperm for motility and further sperm fertilization.

Embryologist plays the role from the starting of the treatment from taking of the eggs to and retrivg them and from transferring it. doctors make sure the patients are comfortable to them and he gives all complete information regarding their treatment and the IVF treatment patients have to trust them and make sure that their child is in the best hands of care. because they make their patients believe in them.We, at WINGS IVF Super Specialty Hospital, Rajkot center strive to achieve 100% success in our infertility treatments with our advanced infertility laboratory to serve the couples during their difficult time of non-conceiving.

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