Oocyte Cryopreservation – Freezing of eggs


Age between 20-25 is the best age for female fertility. The fertility rates are higher in this age and women can get easily pregnant at this age duration. Nowadays, due to fast paced life, people are more focused on their careers rather than reproductive life. This imbalance the reproductive health as higher age poses cases of infertility as the quality of eggs and sperms are deteriorating as age passes.

Cryopreservation of eggs means, the eggs of woman are extracted at young age and preserved under cold environment so that the eggs remain as it is and it doesn’t change its functions because of cryotemperatures. These eggs then again are implanted when woman is ready for a pregnancy at her later years of life.

Today, more and more women are opting for cryopreservation of her eggs as she is focusing on her career in her twenties and she can then implant it back when she is ready for a child birth. Approximately 3000-4000 babies are born in the world by this method of cryopreservation of eggs

Cryopreservation cycle is similar to the IVF treatment cycle as beginning with the process of  ovarian stimulation, where the medications that contain Follicle Stimulating Hormones are given in the form of an injection for about 10 to 12 days. Once the eggs are ready, the eggs are retrieved through a process called “eggs harvesting”. Eggs are removed from the vagina under the dosage of intravenous sedation for painless process with the help of needle under working of the ultrasound machine. The eggs are then evaluated in the clinical laboratory and kept under protective cold environment containing cooling sealants.

When the patient is ready for a pregnancy, the eggs are taken from the cryopreservation chamber, they are fertilized with single sperm  by intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI ) cycle are transferred back to the uterus as an embryo to achieve a successful pregnancy.

This cryopreservation methods can be useful for women who have been detected with cancer and they want to cryofreeze their eggs so that the eggs are saved for future use once they are cured of cancer.

It can also be used by women who want to delay pregnancy due to any financial, psychological, etc. issue and presently not ready to the child birth. Egg freezing is an option and not a certainty for having children in the future.

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