IVF Era of raising hopes for infertile couples


As mentioned in the first article, IVF is the modern technology process where pregnancy is conceived by daycare processes in couples, who are not able to conceive naturally. IVF is a gift for couples who are not able to have a child due to infertility issues either in one of the partner or in some cases both the partners.

Every couple wants to have their child at some point in time but some of the couples are deprived of this happiness due to issues mentioned earlier. Earlier, when IVF was not present, couples who weren’t able to conceive naturally were deprived of childbirth but as the development of advanced technologies and high success rates have proved that IVF is beneficial for couples who aren’t able to conceive naturally and by technology, they can bring new life in their family and society and making a dream come true.

IVF is different technology for conception compared to conventional one where the eggs and sperms are combined outside in a glass instrument in a laboratory to form embryos which are later placed in the uterus.

Successful Pregnancy and healthy childbirth is the biggest benefit of the IVF process. More than 80 lakh babies are born through the IVF process after the first IVF process in 1978 in England.

IVF has been seen as god’s gift for couples who aren’t able to regular child conception because of blocked fallopian tubes, patients with lower ovarian reserve, males with irregular sperm production, etc. Patients facing issues like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian disease, ovulatory disturbances, and unexplained infertility issues can also be benefitted from the IVF process. Luckily, patients with such issues are also opting for IVF and they are getting high success rates despite the following issues and that’s what IVF is all about. It helps couples to bring new life into their homes.

Another benefit of IVF is that the embryos can be passed for further research purposes into more advanced laboratories or can be used for other couples as well.

To conclude the benefits of the IVF process, it can be the better option for pregnancy if all conventional methods fail and we can have complete control over the timing of the pregnancy. The possibility of healthy childbirth is increased by using pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) and it also increases the chances of conception and decreases the possibility of miscarriage.

Because of these reasons and advanced technologies, couples should consider going IVF in case they are facing any pregnancy related issues where the chance of conceiving are much higher with healthy child births.

With the latest developments and reduced IVF process costs, the IVF treatment is now affordable by almost all couples and they can take this first step towards parenthood where being a parent gives them unlimited joy and the gift of a lifetime.

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