Is there any difference between In-Vitro Fertilization and Test Tube Baby?


NO, there is no difference between In-Vitro-Fertilization and Test Tube Baby. Test Tube Baby is the non-medical term used for years now when In-Vitro-Fertilization was not known to common people. Test Tube Baby name was given to the child who born via fertilizing sperm and egg in a petri dish and then implanted back to woman’s uterus and then this pregnancy forms usually as a normal pregnancy.

Usually people make their own versions of IVF and test tube baby as they don’t know the actual meaning and similarity of it. They consider it different although they are same or it can be said that it is one procedure or treatment with two names.

Late 90’s and earlier 20’s, people weren’t aware of IVF and to introduce this treatment to common people, it was introduced by a much simpler name of Test Tube Baby so people can understand it easily. But this name had some stigma’s associated with it. People believed that whole child was born inside a test tube but they were genuinely incorrect. Steadily people became aware of term IVF and they found it from various articles and newspaper that test tube baby is a treatment for couples who were not able to conceive naturally.

IVF is a procedure where artificially, sperm and egg are fertilized in a tube and then fertilized egg is put back into woman’s uterus and proper pregnancy is achieved through it.

Nowadays, more and more couples are opting for infertility treatments as infertility rates have increased in past few years because of fast and stressful life and decrease in sperm quality because of many diseases and some unfounded reasons of infertility.

IVF is one of the artificial reproductive technology along with IUI, ICSI, third party donors, surrogacy, etc. All these treatments leads to a successful pregnancy for couples who are not able to conceive naturally. The rate of success of these treatments have gradually improved during years and couples are getting healthy babies through infertility treatments.

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