Infertility Myths surrounding the daily life


Infertility is the issue faced by some couples who are willing to do for parenthood but somehow their willingness to get a successful parenthood is hindered by the infertility issue present in any one of the partners or both of them. Today, in the internet era where information to any problem is available at the tap of your device. As soon as couple realizes that they might be facing infertility issue, they explore the internet to find the ways to get rid of their infertility issue and by then they are bombarded with different facts, myths, statistics, data from the internet which can be overwhelming and they usually tend to fall prey to myths rather than facts.

Here, in this article, we will talk about few common infertility myths usually found on internet and how they tend to make a wrong impression on couple’s mindset and take them in state of confusion about their infertility problem.

  1. Women are the center of infertility issues.

It is the foremost and most important fact check which needs to be dealt with. Infertility among women is one of the issue for parenthood but as per statistics and data, infertility in women is 35% out of 100 cases, infertility in male is at 35% out of a hundred cases, 20% cases where both the partners have infertility issue and 10% cases for unexplained infertility.

It’s an ongoing myth that infertility is because of women as they are not getting pregnant despite of trying for more than 6 months but it is completely false narrative. Nullify your myths with correct facts.

  • If you de-stress your life, you will get pregnant

Infertility issue is a reproductive organ issue which results into infertility and found in both male and female companions and it is not a psychological problem. De-stressing and relaxing would help in overall lifestyle of a couple but not to overcome the infertility issue.

Infertility is a physical body problem and it has no relation with tension, stress, etc. These are psychological issues which can be dealt by relaxing or going on a vacation. Infertility issues can be solved by infertility specialist depending on your level of infertility.

  • Infertility is not treatable

With the advancement in technology particular in this field, infertility is treated by ART’s, commonly known as Assisted Reproductive Technologies where patient is treated once the reason of infertility is detected by question and answers with the patient and knowing their physical history or reproductive history. Approximately 90% of the infertility issues are solved by different infertility technologies such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor, etc.

  • Infertility is rare

Infertility is one of the raising issues if 21st century as more and more couples are not able to enter parenthood successful because of infertility and today 1 out of 8 couples is diagnosed with infertility issues. Couples tend not share the infertility issue because they find this issue embarrassing and due to societal pressure they are not able to open themselves up to solve this problem and tend to suppress this. This creates lot of mental pressures which needs to be overcome by proper family guidance and proper doctor’s guidance by which a couple can defeat their issue of infertility.

  • Most women can get pregnant easily

Generally, women can get pregnant without much problems. Women have high chances of getting pregnant in their twenties. Approximately women have 20% chance of getting pregnant in a month in their 30’s and this possibility decreases as age of women decreases. Infertility can affect a woman at any age and there is no certainty about it.

  • Adopting a child can make a woman pregnant for next child

This myth is completely false and it also false social stigma around it. There is no relation between adopting a child and getting pregnant for the next one. Adopting a child is one of the best ways to start a family. Getting pregnant is completely different thing and it has to conceived to achieve a successful pregnancy.

  • Only contact an infertility specialist after a year of trying to conceive and still not able to conceive despite continuous trying

Infertility is defined as a reproductive organ issue when the couples are not able to conceive naturally despite of trying for a period of one year. But not all cases should wait for one year of trying as few cases in women where they face issue of irregular periods, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic adhesive disease, ectopic pregnancy, etc. These women should definitely contact an infertility specialist as call for her/his help to start their family. For men, if they have a physical organ issue, any injury, history of surgery, etc should also contact infertility specialist to find the solution for infertility.

  • Fertility treatments lead towards twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc

We at WINGS IVF Super Speciality hospital, strive to achieve a singleton pregnancy with 100% results in successful pregnancy that is safe for mother as well for baby. Multiple pregnancy or more than one fetus in womb, poses health risks for both the mother and child. Rates of twin pregnancy is higher in few infertility treatments but not for triplets and quadruplets.

We, at WINGS IVF Super Specialty Hospital, Rajkot center strive to achieve 100% success in our infertility treatments with our advanced infertility laboratory to serve the couples during their difficult time of non-conceiving.

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We are always ready to serve you and give you a family environment at our hospital.


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