How to talk to your partner about infertility


You should share to your partner about infertility issue and both should be supportive to each other.

Infertility signs in you makes you nervous and stops you from sharing this problem with your near ones especially the other partner of your life. Husband/wife needs support of other half in this situation mentally where they can share their problems and come to a solution by discussion or by concerning a doctor for his/her infertility. These are few of the ways where husband/wife can come out of this situation and get their problem solved as soon as possible.

1. Have regular checkups for your physical health

To have a child, mostly couples plan and then they go for a child because having a child comes with a lot of responsibilities and for that both the partners should be ready for it. Family planning takes some time and they don’t know what future will show to them and how fertility of both the partners will work or not. So regular checkups can give the idea to the couple about their fertility by regular fertility checks or body checks before they plan for a child. These tests or doctor appointments would make them satisfied whether they are facing any fertility or not and if they are, then they can move forward to their infertility specialist and concern him/her for their problems. These small steps can make couple overcome infertility instead one of the partner shares to other at the point of conceiving makes difficult for both of them and can cause marriage issues and family issues.

2. Use open ended conversations

Situation of infertility is a concern for one of the partners to share to another partner and this can be a mental pain unless you share to this to another partner. One should use open ended questions about how, when and how and take some time to process these answers and then open yourself up. You can begin to share from family planning conversation and then slowly to go your main topic and begin from ‘I’ feel that I am facing some problem with infertility and I want to share with you and I am assuring that we are in this together and we will come out of this together in very short time.

3. Allow negative emotions to flow.

You don’t need to showcase your emotions cotted with sugar but instead of this you can just tell other partner what you are facing even though you feel that you are embarrassed or the other partner will be angry or upset for your issue or problem. You can begin saying that “I am facing X problem to do Y thing, and I need Z thing to overcome”. At first there will be situation where other half will not be happy to here this and would be frustrated and might be showcasing him/her feeling and you might don’t want to here what he or she tells you about your problem. You need to be strong to face this and once this time has passed where he/she has flown his/her negative emotions then the time comes where both need to find solution to this infertility and automatically the other partner supports the other half by consoling without any negative feelings or emotions.

If you are going through infertility right now, lean on your support system for help and encouragement and these ways to rely on your partner. Both the partners are processing different pains at the moment of infertility disclosure and there is no right of wrong at this time and invite the other partner into your own journey and making space for them to process their feelings and thoughts for themselves as well as for the family.

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