How is fertility affected by unhealthy lifestyles?


We are in a transformation where the lifestyle of people is constantly improving with the help of technology and people are using technology to make every day work easy and fast. But with the advancement in technology and sudden change of lifestyle, we as Indians are losing our core values and rituals in order to gain foreign identities and lifestyles. Nowadays people are using increased dosages of tobacco, alcohol consumption, contraceptives, etc. have increased the rates of infertility in couples because they feel these things help them relieve stress from a fast-paced lifestyle but these things are affecting their overall health as well fertility.

Along with these, certain medical conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure congenital problems related to hormones, etc. also cause early chances of infertility. With the help of modern infertility treatments, one can overcome the infertility problems but it is right time to spread awareness about the lifestyle changes and how it is impacting fertility in couples.

Lifestyle Factors affecting fertility are such as:

  1. Tobacco Consumption:

Tobacco intake not only leads to cancers but also affects the fertility in men by affecting the production of sperms and it also affects its count and mobility. With the decreased quality of sperm and speed, it cannot fertilize the egg in the uterus resulting in infertility.

  • Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol is injurious to health if taken in large amounts where the small and controlled amounts can be beneficial for health. But people always tend to drink more as it becomes a habit to drink more. Alcohol hinders the growth of sperms and also it decreases the speed and size of sperms produced and ultimately affecting fertility.

  • Contraceptives:

Contraceptives are modern-day delaying of successful pregnancy as people tend to avoid pregnancy as they are more focused on their career and they delay it with contraceptives. Contraceptives have a negative impact on fertility organs and it takes months when they are restored back once taken. These contraceptives are reasons for infertility.

  • Overweight:

Overweight or obesity is one such problem faced by our generation where 1 in 3 people are obese because of sitting lifestyle and poor eating habits. Fast food and junk food are the main reasons for obesity. Obesity results in multiple kinds of bodily problems and it also affects fertility in couples.

  • Environmental factors:

Environmental factors also affect fertility as pollution or pollutants in it are breathed by us and that pollutants affect fertility as they delay the regular hormone processing and tend to hinder the regular body metabolism.

Thus, from this, we get an idea about what factors are affecting our lifestyle and that lifestyle is adorned by us from foreign cultures. We should follow our own lifestyle and not see what others are doing. It’s our duty to improve our lifestyle and make our health a top priority and fertility will automatically improve and we can have successful pregnancies without any infertility issues.   

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