Hormonal Imbalance and Infertility


Hormone imbalance occurs when there is too much or too less hormone levels which help in maintaining bodily process to make body healthy and fit. The proper balance of hormones is required in women to go through proper reproductive cycles such as ovulation process. Hormonal imbalance is the major cause of infertility in women. Disorders like PCOS and anovulation are reasons for hormonal imbalance in women. For men, low level of testosterone is the major reason of infertility.

Human body has numerable hormones working simultaneously in order regulate bodily functions and it allows body to function properly. But when the hormones are not secreted from the hormonal glands at proper rates, the imbalance occurs which results into malfunctioning of bodily environments creating disturbance in different bodily systems.

Hormonal imbalance in women affects the fertility of her. The production of egg during monthly cycle is slowed and it is not consistent and the egg is not being able to develop properly and when it comes into contact with sperm, it is not able to fertilize and it is not planted in uterus and pregnancy is not achieved. Women are mostly affected from hormonal imbalance and it is the most probable cause of infertility in them.

Signs of hormonal imbalance.

In women :

1. Irregular periods

2. Spotting between periods

3. painful periods

4. Increased hair growth

5. Unexpected body gain

In men :

1. Erectile Dysfunction

2. Low sperm count

3. Less body hair growth

4. Male pattern hair loss

These are few of the notable signs in both women and men to infertility and this way their level of infertility is determined by different tests and procedures.

Testing of hormonal balance is done by blood test and urine test and particular hormones are identified and medication of the hormones are advised for women and men in order to again balance the hormones which would allow the infertility issue to be solved and the successful pregnancy can take place without any hormonal hindrance.

One can change the daily habits to overcome hormonal problems and can easily get rid of this situation. Focusing on diet and regular exercising will automatically restore all the needed hormones and this is the nature’s way of body healing without and medications.

Consult an infertility specialist if you find any of the above symptoms so that you can be treated as soon as possible and you can get to the successful conception without any major treatments or procedures.

If you take care of hormones than hormones will take care of you meaning, do what hormones need in order to work properly and they will help you to function properly without any issues.

Thus, concluding the article, we lastly say that hormones are not to be ignored as they have a major role to play in your fertility life and this only would allow you to get the best gift of life in form of a healthy baby. We, here at WINGS IVF Rajkot center strives to give the best gift of life by our IVF and other reproductive treatments where your infertility concerned is solved. You can contact us for any of your fertility and pregnancy related concerns. Call us at +91 78788 77222 to book an appointment with us or visit our website www.wingsrajkot.com for more information about us and our services and treatments.


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