Getting pregnant after 40. Tips and expectations


Women goes into motherhood at different phases of their life. As per fertility doctors and specialists, age of 35 or below is the best time for any woman to get into motherhood without facing much difficulties in fertility. Nowadays, woman are getting into motherhood at later stages of their life because of their professional careers and also they are not ready mentally as well as physically to get into motherhood.

Family members are always expressing their concerns for a woman when she has reached a certain age and they keep trying to convince her to find a partner and start a family as that age would require much precautions and care when stepping into motherhood as there are few possible complications which can happen after child birth to the baby as well as to the mother.

But recent technologies have improved successful pregnancies ratio to a greater amount and families are having healthy babies after the age of 40. Here in this article we will share few tips and expectations about how to prepare yourself to get pregnant and how you should behave physically and mentally in order to give your child, proper health and maintain good health of the mother during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Firstly sharing few tips for women who should keep in mind points in order to get pregnant after age of 40 and also delivering a healthy child after 9 month period.

1. Keep faith in your fertility and body

This is the most and foremost thing that you should not let any negative thought about your fertility or body go in your mind and you have just affirm that you are 100% fertile and your body will easily accept changes while entering motherhood and you will have a great family once you enter the phase of motherhood.

2. Treat your body like a temple.

As you take care of any holy place, similarly consider your body as a temple where you will give birth to a soul and that soul will be your future generation who will live a great life and help humanity to grow peacefully and lovably.

3. Keep your mindset on a daily check

Keep your mind healthy by doing meditation, practice silence and help yourself to get proper energy into your mind so that you can give that energy to your baby while you enter motherhood. Do yoga to you physically active so that you can boost your fertility. Keep yourself away from all the negative thoughts like would I get pregnant after age of 40?, When would I get a partner to start a family?, etc. These fears will be real but don’t focus on it as it would make you weaker mentally about getting pregnant. This mentality would definitely affect your physicality and fertility will decrease. So this cycle would generate storms of negative thoughts which would affect you negatively in attaining a successful motherhood.

4. Find a support no matter who is the person

Find a person or family members who believes that she will get into motherhood successfully no matter what is the situation. They should believe in her fertility and on her body that she would be able to carry a baby inside her. Let them cheer for you throughout this phase of yours and make you feel like 25 year old and this will boost your moral and you will be into next chapter of your life without knowing that you attained a successful pregnancy.

5. Live your life

Enjoy each and every moment of your life without any worries or any sorrows. Live like a free bird where you can enjoy with yourself as well as with your near and dear ones.

Now, secondly lets talk about expectation, a woman should have while getting pregnant after the age of 40.

1. You might be more emotionally prepared

After the age of 40, you would have experienced a lot and these experiences will make you wiser and emotionally prepared and you know how to control yourself or your emotions in any situation. By this age you would be more mature enough to handle anything that happens with you.

2. You might be financially stable

The most reason important why woman enter motherhood late as they focus on their career to make themselves financially independent where they don’t need to depend on others for her livelyhood expenses. So getting pregnant after 40 would least worry about the expenses of the baby as she has already planned her expenses beforehand.

3. You might be ready to focus on family rather than financially

As you are financially independent, you can now thoroughly focus on your family and family’s health and you can be a great mother and a wife where you can be giving the best time to your baby where she/he needs you at that time and you don’t have to leave her/him with maids to go to work.

Thus, these are some of the positive expectations that you can expect after getting pregnant after the age of 40.

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