Do’s and Dont’s of an IVF cycle


A couple should have complete knowledge of the IVF treatment the more they understand the more they will be comfortable for having their baby and the treatment will be easy. Mostly the IVF cycle takes two weeks for completing one cycle.
In all this, your hormonal process will be running up to a high level and it will be on edge during the process your emotions will go on a big ride as you have to deal with lots of unusual anxiety, sadness, uncertainty and it is normal in all these conditions as you cannot ignore or avoid but you can at least minimize it with some care it can be controlled.
You should always follow the doctor’s instructions regarding your sleep patterns, your medicines about what to take what not to, and the main about your diets and food should follow only what you are told to during IVF treatments or IVF cycles.
Never neglect your mental health hesitate to take psychological support because you are going through many ups and downs of emotions and crying during this phase talk to your family friends or a phycharistist for sharing the kinds of stuff that is bothering you that is more good and help you.
As you are making up your mind for IVF treatment reduce all your stress cut off it which is making you stressed take steps for it does meditation do yoga listen and think positively and music that can uplift you watch videos that can motivate or inspires you and practice a good hobby?
Find an IVF clinic that is near to you and which is having a good team of qualified doctors and having best in it.

You should highly avoid drinking, smoking, and consumption of drugs stay away from all this it can also lower the rate of the success rate of pregnancy.
Don’t compromise on your health don’t eat junk eat healthier look after yourself well.
Don’t take any of this advice lightly this is for you taking all of the bits of advice well will give you good and positive results.

You should be fully focused on staying healthy or how you can be more healthy.
The diet you are eating must contain lots of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and lots of more if you love to eat meat eat which contains lots of zinc.
Drink lots and lots of water that will keep you hydrated drink at least eight glasses of water at least a day.
Avoid food that can cause food poisoning for example raw eggs.
Do not consume drinks that are added, artificial sweeteners. Avoid preservative consuming food or drinks.
Stay away from food or drinks that are having caffeine in them.
Strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking.

Make sure that you are having at least eight hours of sleep because sleep is vital for your body and it is very much important and necessary.
Make sure you having a healthy level of fluid and a specific amount of water.
Avoid the cardiac type of exercise.
Many couples make multiple attempts to have successful results and if it gives an unsuccessful attempt you should not give up on IVF.
Should not listen to people who try to avoid negative aspects because the treatment of every couple is not the same.

Talk and share the kinds of stuff that are bothering you with your partner.
You should not keep anything in your mind your mind is much more important.
Try to get relax as much as possible from all the stress.
If you want to avoid the risk of miscarriage or fertility-related risk you should take bath in hot water as after the transformation of the embryo the body temperature increases and the chances of complication can be avoided.
There is a slight possibility of bleeding after the reverting of eggs, do not use tampons use sanitary pads to maintain hygiene.
Consuming water or other alternatives like coconut water or dinks which contain less sugar from this you can avoid bloating.
You should take plenty of naps in the duration of half an hour or 45 min this can help to be fresh every day or in a day you should stay alert and complete daily tasks.
You should be more responsible every day.

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