Anti Mullerian Hormone
Female Reproductive System


Men can produce millions of sperms in his entire life span whereas women don’t have that much reserve of eggs; women are born with limited, countable eggs to be used whole life for reproduction. In each menstrual cycle women will lose one egg. The cessation of menses is menopause and that’s when women start to exhaust their eggs. So if at all the female is planning to have a baby, it should be known to her about her left reserve of ovum i.e. ovarian reserve.

What is AMH

Anti-Mullerian Hormone is a blood test to diagnose woman’s ovarian reserve. It is a dimeric glycoprotein hormoneexclusively produced by the granulosa cells of the preantral and small antral follicles. Serum AMH is the best indicator of ovarian reserve with high sensitivity and specificity. This test gives idea about how many the eggs are and not how the eggs are in quality.AMH is usually not affected by taking contraceptives or during menstrual cycle or even in pregnancy.  

When do we need AMH test done?

It should be tested when..

  1. When you have tired for more than 6 months to conceive and you are anxious about how much are the chances of you to get pregnant.
  2. When you are opting for ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques).
  3. For knowing current chances of conceiving naturally
  4. To predict how you’ll respond to medication in case of IVF in case of egg retrieval.
  5.  To confirm PCOS alongside of sonography.

What is the optimal/ desirable value of AMH?

Optimal Fertility                               4.0-6.8 ng/ml

Satisfactory  Fertility                        2.2 -4.0 ng/ml

Low Fertility                                     0.3-2.2 ng/ml

Very Low or Undetectable               0.0-0.3 ng/ml

High Level                                         >6.8 ng/ml [ ? PCOD/ Granulosa Cell Tumor]

What If AMH is too low?

Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) otherwise cannot be increased with medicines or other means. But if a woman is determined to have a pregnancy and other factors are favoring, she can go for Donor Eggs and continue the pregnancy.


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