An ERA is a test of repeated Failure of pregnancy


An ERA is a test of repeated Failure of pregnancy it is called a modern test named Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA). It helps in the determination of the best time for the transfer of the embryo and can achieve the early success of pregnancy. Many women try for getting pregnant through IVF and fail the process of egg implantation process.

And even when embryos appear healthier and the uterine cavity looks normal there are even chances of having underlying problems related to the inner lining of the uterus. There are many causes of infertility but one of the main is that the inability of the uterus to hold it into a healthy embryo IVF cycle is the most successful determinant.

But according to recent studies have discovered that if the quality of embryos plays an important role then the receptivity of embryos is also the most significant role in the IVF cycle. Science has made it possible that it can determine how receptive a women’s uterus with relation to the embryo. This is called the Endometrial Array modern test. It does not measure the receptivity of the uterus but it can also help in the exact timing of embryo transfer which the best chance of success.

This ERA is a unique type of process because it can examine endometrial receptivity as a product of gene expression at the specific timing during an ovulation cycle. It also monitors the cycle pattern of 238 different genes and it will give them personal implantation for each of the processes.ERA has shown high sensitivity and specificity in determining the gene profile.

 It has huge benefits as it reduces the number of processes of the IVF cycle as a couple has to go through many processes to achieve a successful pregnancy. The chances of frequent miscarriages are also elemented.ERA can operate on a similar premise and provides and a capacity to gain an accurate in how receptive a women’s uterus can be at a particular stage in her menstrual cycle. This can enable the best determination and the best time of embryo transfer for a successful implant.

Transfer of embryos is performed between 3-5 Days after retrieval of eggs. The time of embryo transfer is observed by the development process. Those who stand a strong chance of growing in the lab until 5 are transferred as blastocysts. Other normal embryos show normal growth on day 3 they can also be transferred earlier hope of achieving implantation. previously doctors were having no idea of repeating the IVF process and having an endless process to achieve a successful pregnancy but now ERA has made timely the process of implantation possible and reduces the required time.

According to the experts of the ERA, process results are done in the same way in the different cycle processes of the same patient looking to their hormonal treatment is maintained. These tests are not very expensive considered or compare to the overall cost of infertility treatment and have the benefit of understanding endometrial receptivity in the IVF process.

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